Crossing for Prevention

Swim from
Bonaire to Curaçao
Deaxo Croes

19 November 2022

Main Sponsors Crossing for Prevention

Event details

Come and join us November 19, 2022 at The Pier Curaçao Restaurant & Bar, at Caracasbaaiweg in Curaçao, starting from 3 PM.
Fundacion CORESA, Fundashon Prevenshon and Kanker Fonds Bonaire will be there to accept donations.

Crossing for Prevention is an event by Sportology Dutch Caribbean Foundation.

Main Sponsors

Main Sponsors Crossing for Prevention

Order your shirt and donate.

Order your t-shirt at one of our partners and they will donate part of the sales to one of the foundation.


Order your shirt at EMCO for only Awg. 30,-. EMCO will donate 75% of the total sales to Fundacion CORESA. You can order by sending a whatsapp to +297 5693000.

Shirt EMCO donation


Order your shirt at Print Factory for only $ 25,-. Print Factory will donate 50% of the total sales to Kanker Fonds Bonaire. You can order by calling / sending a whatsapp to +599 7958885.

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Crossing for Prevention

Crossing for Prevention 2022 is a historic swim by Deaxo Croes between sister islands, Bonaire and Curaçao. This extraordinary swim happens on Saturday, the 19th of November 2022. Deaxo’s journey covers approximately 53 KM in the Caribbean Sea, from the west coast of Bonaire to the east point of Curaçao.

Deaxo Croes is an Aruban Open Water swimmer. In 2018 he swam from Venezuela to Aruba together with five other swimmers to fulfill a dream and social cause to raise cancer awareness in Aruba. This time, Deaxo’s dream is to include Bonaire and Curaçao in his cause to raise cancer awareness and to promote the colossal work tirelessly done by the local cancer foundations. Together with a team of professional kayakers, doctors, nutritionist and other team mates, Deaxo strives for human passion and excellence for a cause that could touch each one of us. Cancer causes about 1 in e every 6 deaths worldwide. Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death only preceded by cardiovascular disease.

Crossing for Prevention is an event to raise awareness and seek generous financial support from the local communities to the cancer foundations.

Make your donation

Crossing for Prevention is an event to raise awareness and seek generous financial support from the local communities (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao), to their cancer foundations. Donate now and help each foundation to help our communities.

Mention the name “Crossing for Prevention” with your donation in the description.

Fundacion CORESA

Aruba Community

Fundacion CORESA

Fundacion CORESA
Aruba Bank
Account#: 6031390190

Kanker Fonds Bonaire

Bonaire Community

Kanker Fonds Bonaire

Kanker Fonds Bonaire
Account#: 84000000180282769

Fundashon Prevenshon

Curaçao Community

Fundashon Prevenshon

Fundashon Prevenshon
Account#: 21684310

Our amazing team

All the cool people that are helping us :)

Oswald Lacle
Angelo Kock
Luis Wever
Lori King
Assist swimmer
Bobby Gibson
Assist swimmer
Louis Mario Arends
Assist swimmer
Francisco Goedgedrag
Swimming Coach & Assist Swimmer
Andre Apolinario
Team Captain
Christian Mejia
Team Physician
Charlene Leslie
Sports dietitians
Mario Arends
Chef & general assistance
Diandra Tiel
General assistance
Frank Kelly
General assistance
Eugene Dirksz
General assistance
Michael Salazar
Armando Goedgedrag
Photographer & videographer

Our Sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors and partners for helping the Crossing for Prevention cause. Together we cross the ocean!

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Sportology Dutch Caribbean Foundation

Crossing for Prevention is an event by Sportology Dutch Caribbean Foundation.

Sportology Dutch Caribbean Foundation (“SDCF”) is a non-profit organization and was founded by Rudy A. Croes and Charlene Leslie to help Deaxo Croes complete his second mission, which is to swim from Bonaire to Curaçao with the aim to raise awareness for cancer prevention. In addition, the goal is to support 3 foundations that help prevent and early detect cancer by among other things, promoting donations. They are Fundacion CORESA in Aruba, Kanker Fonds Bonaire and Fundashon Prevenshon in Curaçao.

SDCF’s first project is to help with the logistics, marketing, fuel, accommodation and equipment for Deaxo and his team through sponsorship for a historic event called Crossing for Prevention to take place on November 19th, 2022. SDCF started with 3 board members but quickly grew with 4 volunteers making the board of SDCF consist of 7 people. Each board member has a role in making sure this day is a success and that Deaxo remains focused on his training and on the objective of Crossing for Prevention.

Even though SDCF was founded because of Deaxo, the purpose of the foundation is to promote the practice of sports, including swimming, physical and mental health and the happiness of people of all age groups residing in Aruba and elsewhere, to improve their quality of life and well-being in favor of optimal health. Following Crossing for Prevention, SDCF is excited to help more athletes across the Dutch Caribbean.

Rudy Croes
Charlene Leslie
Roly Sint Jago
Andre Zaandam
Indrah Maduro
Daisy Croes
Anton Blok